Don’t believe the spin (selling part 3)


It can feel very depressing when you think everyone else is selling loads of work and you’re not.

How do you actually know everyone else is selling …. because they tell you!??

‘My work flies out the door’

We all want to make ourselves look like established, collected artists …. But the only things that fly out the door are hand sanitizer and toilet rolls.

‘I’ve just delivered more work to my gallery’

I’m sure they have, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t also returned with work that’s been sitting there for months unsold on a ‘sale or return’ basis.  Just because work disappears from a physical or online gallery doesn’t mean it’s sold, it may have been moved or swapped to keep the display fresh and give people the impression that it’s been sold. High street shops use this tactic all the time.

‘I’ve just completed a commission’

Is it a proper business commission though ….. or has one of their friends just asked them to make something?

‘Your work is so lovely’ – Social media comments V sales reviews

It’s very easy for friends to tell you how beautiful your work is, much harder to get a stranger who just paid you some of their hard earned cash to give you the same comments with a 5 star rating ….

Here it is again … Work will sell itself.


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