I am a qualified industrial ceramic designer, and self taught studio potter.

Each piece is handcrafted using slightly gritted buff clay. 

I design and cast my own moulds (both single and multi-piece).

I develop and produce my own glazes (both dip and brush-on).

Each piece is fired in an electric kiln to a temperature of 1200.C

I work in Christchurch in Dorset

My range of ammonite ceramics can be purchased through The Hatch Gallery in Christchurch, Fisherton Mill Gallery in Salisbury, and The Purbeck New Wave Gallery in Swanage. 

My orchid pots and some ammonite ceramics can be purchased on-line through Etsy.com.

Prices are listed on this website and if there is anything you are interested in, do please contact me.

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Painting one of my large tiles which are available through the galleries.