Here you’ll find the old work … selected items produced over 35 years which shows my progression to the work I make today.

School & 6th form projects – 1986 – 1989

A lidded fish dish made in 4th year school, and a tall floor vase.


College work 1989 – 1991

These planters were made when I was experimenting with gas firing and wax resist techniques, and they still come in very handy in the garden today. These designs evolved into the orchid pots.


1990’s – Oriental Style

Bonsai pots, planters, temple ornaments, and early orchid pots, all based on oriental style ceramics


1999 – 2003 – Pedestal Jardinières and Vases

Evolving on from planters, my very first pedestal jardinier was in a style of a birds nest. There is a Wisteria outside my studio in which blackbirds nest each year at the top of the trunk. My idea was to produce a pedestal as the tree trunk, and place the vase, decorated as a birds nest, sitting between the branches. I produced both plain and decorated varieties of jardinier during this time.


2003 – 2006 – Sculptures & Jewellery

Seeing how far I could push the clay during a firing. Inspired by ducks fishing in Christchurch Quay, the Diving Duck was the first experiment to see if it could hold up and not collapse or crack during a firing. These were all decorated with Amaco underglazes and a clear overglaze.

I also tried my hand at ceramic jewellery (my sewing has a lot to be desired).


2005 – My first exhibition – The Hayloft Gallery, Christchurch

My pedestal jardinières, vases and sculptures. Exhibition held jointly with Chris Dancer, portrait painter.


2014 …

On my return to ceramics I decided to produce my own glazes, as I wished to experiment with pattern and design.