I have lived my life on the coast of Dorset, and South Wales where I studied ceramics, and have always had a fascination for insects and butterflies that inhabit the New Forest near to my home, also the fossils, stones and shells I found on the Dorset Jurassic beaches as a child.

Orchid Pot Design

I was asked to design a new type of orchid pot to help orchids grow in a home enviornment. Using the slated wooden orchid baskets as my guide I designed a selection of windowsill planters featuring hollow slits, higher feet and deeper trays. They can be used for display or to plant directly into, which will give the roots room to grow and grip as they would in nature.

Ceramic Production

I trained as an industrial ceramicist learning the methods of the major stafforshire factories to produce utilitarian ware and fine porcelain, passing with a HND in 1991. I continue to expand my knowledge and skills with handbuilding and throwing, and have now developed my own range of mid-fire glazes which I use on all my work.